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Connecting LED Luminaires via Bluetooth Mesh

Lighting systems with connected luminaires are particularly suitable for workplaces in large offices. Connected luminaires, motion and daylight sensors, temperature sensors, air quality and noise sensors can be used to personalize the working environment for each end-user. At the same time, the intelligent functions of connected lights enable new (cloud-based) business models for luminaires manufacturers.

The Bluetooth Mesh technology makes it particularly easy to implement the networking function (swarm function) for lights. After implementation, luminaires communicate via a secure and robust network using Bluetooth. The configuration of the system can be made comfortably via smartphone or tablet. Once configured, commands are executed at the specified times and/or by presence. There is no need for the smartphone or tablet to be nearby. The system works automatically from the moment of configuration, purely based on Bluetooth.

As soon as a luminaire registers the presence of a person using a PIR sensor, it transmits this information to the luminaire group via Bluetooth Mesh. The lights in the group switch on. The basic brightness of the individual lights is predefined in the app. An additional timer function allows activating the lights at a specified time.

Swarm function with Bluetooth Mesh

Moreover, the light temperature and brightness can be automatically adjusted depending on daylight or according to an individual daily rhythm.

In addition to the automated process, it is also possible to control the lights live at any time via the app in a password-protected network.

Cloud, Remote Control and Monitoring

In order to connect a Bluetooth Mesh based lighting system to the cloud, the gateway is installed flexibly per network and thus serves as a bridge between the Bluetooth Mesh network and the cloud.

Cloud connectivity enables services that luminaire manufacturers can additionally offer their customers. These services include data/occupancy monitoring (live data/presence detection), receiving updates when changes occur, tracking utilization over time, rule implementation (create alarm notifications and define automatic actions when thresholds are reached), data analysis to improve efficiency, and much more.

MESHLE — Bluetooth Mesh connection to the cloud

New features with Update Over The Air (OTA)

The scope of functions of the firmware can be expanded at any time by installing an Update Over The Air (OTA) via Bluetooth app or the Cloud.

Interoperability with other Bluetooth mesh enabled devices

With many years of experience and expertise in the field of wireless technologies, MESHLE offers a complete solution for the adaptation of Bluetooth Mesh from the embedded hardware integration, control app to the cloud-based progressive web application with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. (learn more)

MESHLE was among the first companies that specifically worked with Bluetooth Mesh and developed its own Bluetooth Mesh networking technology, which it successfully integrated into its own products and the products of other manufacturers. These products include LED drivers, dimming and switching actuators and various sensors. All products are compatible with each other, allowing each manufacturer to access high-quality products from specialized manufacturers and thus offer their customers a complete system based on one technology in addition to their own products.

MESHLE Guest Control

The Bluetooth Mesh network can be optionally extended by the innovative MESHLE guest control. The QR Code based system with the time-limited access to the control is especially suitable for applications with changing end users who need to operate or configure the system quickly.

Different users can then control or configure devices with their own smartphones within seconds without having to install an app. By scanning a QR code, the user is immediately directed to a Progressive Web App (PWA) in the web browser, from where access to the control can be granted for a limited period of time. Once the Qr Code is automatically updated, the person no longer has access to the system.

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