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User friendly

configuration, control and automation

MESHLE App screenshot

Smart Home

has never been so simple

Easily control different devices with one app via Bluetooth® or Internet*. The devices are displayed by type and group. The control elements are large and therefore easy to handle. 

*Control via the Internet requires MESHLE Gateway.

Light ambience

perfectly created

Light can be so different – with the MESHLE app, it’s very simple to adjust colors and brightness. The settings can be saved as scenes and activated later via the app, by timer or via an external switch. 

Light visualization

with animations or sound

Animations that make the room come to life. This allows you to simulate a sunset in the evening or a sunny day during bad weather. The sound visualization emphasizes every situation using exciting lighting effects set to music.


with astro function

Each MESHLE device can have up to 8 timers. The timers can be triggered by time or by astro event (sunrise/ sunset). With the astro function there is the possibility to set a time offset.

MESHLE App screenshot of device menu
Screenshot of MESHLE App connection menu

Remote control

with MESHLE Gateway

The MESHLE gateway enables additional functions such as remote and voice control via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. All you need to do is to switch from Bluetooth to WiFi in the MESHLE app.


organized and easily accessible

Devices can be grouped together and named for example according to their location. Settings can then be made for all devices in the group simultaneously. For example, all lamps can be switched on or off and shutters can be moved up or down.

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