Best out of two worlds

MESHLE allows electronic devices to connect to each other via Bluetooth mesh network. This approach benefits from two great technologies, Bluetooth Low Energy and Mesh Network.

How it works


Devices with integrated Bluetooth LE Chip and MESHLE Firmware are able to connect to each other fully automatically. Each device provides a Bluetooth hotspot. Any mobile device such as smartphone, smartwatch or tablet with Bluetooth functionality can connect to any of these hotspots in order to control network devices. This mesh network can be simply extended in its range by adding new MESHLE devices.

More information


Smart Bluetooth LED Controller with network capability


Smart Lighting Control for Hotels & Apartments


MESHLE’s vision is to bring its high-quality products in every home; give people smart, useful and simple solutions for creating enjoyable atmosphere and comfort.

The specialty of our products is an innovative technology that combines Mesh Network – a special network where each device is connected to one or more other devices – and Bluetooth Low Energy, technology that is used in majority of mobile devices.