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Smart Street Lighting – Energy Saving with Bluetooth Mesh

When you think of “smart city,” a complex, networked metropolis of the future may come to mind. Every garbage can talks to every streetlight and every traffic light. All data converge in the cloud and artificial intelligence optimizes the entire process in the city every second. But it doesn’t have to be that complex. It […]

Bluetooth Myths & Facts

Three particular myths are encountered again and again when talking about Bluetooth: “Bluetooth has a short range. It requires a lot of power. Bluetooth is not suitable for professional use.” Yet, Bluetooth has long been more than just a technology that lets you connect your smartphone to wireless headphones. This article dispels the three myths […]

Bluetooth Mesh Product Development: In-house, Outsourcing or MESHLE?

The development of new products with Bluetooth Mesh is becoming an increasingly important and relevant topic for many manufacturers. The question is, when is it best to develop your own products internally and when should you rely on external expertise?

Why Bluetooth is a Future-Proof Technology

Bluetooth is an ideal, proven global standard for the “Connected Everything”: from the smartphone, to the smart home, to even the metaverse. Let’s dive into what makes Bluetooth so interesting and unique when compared to other technologies. Introduction to Bluetooth Even those people who are not specifically tech-savvy know that their smartphone, iPad, and PC […]

Device Configuration and Automation via Bluetooth Mesh

The use of devices based on a Bluetooth mesh system is a worthwhile and future-oriented investment, as such a system does not require cabling or a central control device and can be quickly put into operation with a smartphone.

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