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Device Configuration and Automation via Bluetooth Mesh

Control systems that require complicated installation often cannot be used in areas where there is a frequent rotation of users or equipment, or where spatial flexibility is required. The potential of such systems is not exploited because the cost of professional installation is too high and the personnel suitable for this is not available at all times. In this respect, Bluetooth Mesh has an enormous advantage over conventional systems.

A future-oriented investment

The application of devices based on a Bluetooth mesh system is a smart and future-oriented investment, given that such a system does not require cabling or a central control device and can be quickly put into operation using a smartphone. Bluetooth is a part of any mobile device, which is why it allows anyone with a smartphone or tablet to easily access the system. Bluetooth mesh technology is not only characterized by its ease of use, but also offers a high level of security and robustness. Another important advantage is its economic power consumption. Bluetooth Mesh consumes much less power than other technologies. By using energy storage technology, Bluetooth Mesh charges the wireless nodes so that the devices consume less power in standby mode.

Efficient device configuration

Anyone can use the app to quickly and easily integrate the devices into a network and set them up. When the first device is put into operation, a network is automatically created that is protected with a password. Additional devices can be flexibly added to the existing network or to a new one. A “Start” button appears on the display, after clicking the button a list with available devices and – if available – already set up networks appears.

The type of device is automatically detected in the app. The setup takes place purely offline via Bluetooth. To make this process as time-efficient and simple as possible, only the relevant parameters are automatically displayed to the user in a logical sequence, depending on the product. For example, the integration of sensors or the configuration of an actuator is done by scanning a QR code, which automatically detects the product parameters and configures them after just a few seconds. Alternatively, the user can set the product parameters step by step by answering questions or using the wizard.

After the initial setup, the devices can be re-parameterized at any time.

Maximum usability for the end user

With Bluetooth present in all modern smartphones, tablets and PCs, Bluetooth Mesh technology offers an enhanced user experience not only in connection with consumer products. Through a robust and secure network, Bluetooth Mesh can also serve as a user-friendly human-machine interface in industrial and commercial settings.


MESHLE offers a holistic solution in the field of Bluetooth mesh technology. In addition to Bluetooth mesh compatibility, the aim is to ensure maximum user-friendliness of the product for the end users. For this reason, great emphasis is always placed on an intuitive and user-friendly user interface during the development and design of the app.


To provide customers with the maximum experience of Bluetooth mesh-based products, we focus on simple, convenient and intuitive operation of the app. The user can quickly configure, manage and control the networked devices conveniently via Bluetooth using his own smartphone or tablet. It is possible, for example, to group devices by room and then control them individually or simultaneously. Some other functions are e.g., scenes, timers, animations as well as a customizable user interface depending on the device type: e.g., color wheel for RGB LED control, brightness control for a dimmer and many more.


MESHLE offers an app of the same name for Android and iOS free of charge in the respective stores. All devices equipped with a MESHLE-compatible Bluetooth module are supported by the app. There are no costs, neither for users nor for manufacturers. In addition, an OEM version of the app can be provided for manufacturers under their own name and customized CI for a license fee.

Less complexity, more convenience

Depending on the device, the app automatically displays the features possible with the device. For example, after configuring an RGB LED controller, the color selection, light animations and much more are available to the user. If, for example, the user should only operate switches and dimmers via the app, only the features possible with the switches and dimmers are displayed. This always guarantees maximum convenience in operation.

Smart automation

In addition to simple commissioning, it is possible to automate the devices in a variety of ways. After the automatic execution of functions, e.g. according to time or sensor event, has been set via the app, the device independently takes over the time counting and executes the commands or reacts accordingly to the events from the integrated sensor; the smartphone no longer needs to be connected to the device. The configured device takes over the control itself.


Light sensor + shutter: 

If the brightness value is above a defined value for a certain time, the shutters can be lowered automatically. Such a rule can also be conveniently set via the smartphone or tablet, depending on the temperature.

Presence detector: 

A presence detector can be used to automate the switching on of light scenes. Both the brightness and the way in which the light is to be dimmed up can be set. The duration of presence can also be set individually.

Timer feature:  

A timer feature allows, for example, to automatically switch the devices individually or as a group at specific times. Adjustable are times of day, sun times (astro function), weekdays, transition time and sleep timer.

Astro function and default settings:  

Specified device states (e.g., ON, OFF, specific brightness or color) can furthermore be triggered automatically after sunrise and sunset for the respective location. In addition, a time offset can be set (e.g., 1 hour before sunset). Furthermore, different device states can be set as default so that they always turn on in the preset mode when switching, for example.

Adaptation of Bluetooth mesh technology with MESHLE

MESHLE GmbH is a German company specialized in networking via Bluetooth Mesh providing complete solutions around this technology. The technology is used in both its own and other manufacturers’ products and covers many market segments such as Smart Home, Smart Hotel, Smart Office, Smart City.


The success of Bluetooth Mesh in the IoT sector is contributing to the fact that more and more large companies are turning to this technology.


With years of experience and expertise in wireless technologies, MESHLE offers a holistic solution from embedded hardware integration, control app to cloud-based progressive web application with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.


Regardless of whether you have an in-house R&D department and can take on part of the development yourself or require a finished component — MESHLE’s experienced hardware and software engineers will support you in every phase of Bluetooth Mesh integration. We pursue the goal to offer as many hardware manufacturers as possible the possibility to upgrade their hardware with Bluetooth Mesh technology, and thus to achieve far-reaching effects on the product use by minimal changes.

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