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How can I as a landlord offer a smart rental apartment?

For many homeowners, the smart home is already part of everyday life. For example, the heating, which adjusts according to presence and the current weather, saves many owners enormous energy costs. Smart lighting creates a level of comfort that many people would never want to do without again. But why does it look so different on […]

Project Developers and the Smart Building of the Future

There are many technologies, but which is best suited for the smart building of the future? In discussions with major German and European manufacturers, we often encounter the situation where they themselves are still asking: which wireless technology will we rely on in the future?

Why Bluetooth Mesh is Perfect for the Smart Hotel Room

There was a time when hotels were the first to bring the latest technology to their guests. When TVs were not yet an affordable everyday product, hotels introduced TV rooms where guests could watch the TV program together. Later, every hotel room was equipped with a TV set, long before a TV appeared in every […]

Swarm networking of outdoor luminaires via Bluetooth Mesh

Bluetooth Mesh is often associated with the smart home or larger building automation systems. However, Bluetooth Mesh is also an interesting application in outdoor areas through the swarm networking of outdoor lights.

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