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Smart Hotel Room

Guest control and more.

MESH network visualization on a hotel room
Nothing is hardwired anymore in the room and yet everything is connected.

Flexible configuration

for hotels and their guests

MESHLE technology allows to adjust the device’s functions as needed. The technology plays a crucial role here. Each actuator is basically self-sufficient but can be configured via Bluetooth using an app. Several actuators can be networked via Bluetooth Mesh. A small IoT network is then created in each room, which is separate from the hotel network. As soon as several actuators are in a network, many use cases can be flexibly implemented.

Everything you need

MESHLE compatible devices

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Switch icon
Smart switches
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And more
Graphic showing MESHLE Actuator

Simple installation

New construction or existing building

The MESHLE-capable devices come from leading manufacturers in Germany. The devices are suitable for new constructions as well as for existing buildings. After installation, the devices can be configured and setup via the app on the smartphone in a secure network. This allows the switches to be configured to the desired function and the lights to be preset to the perfect mood.

Room configuration via app

Intuitive app on smartphone or tablet (Android & iOS)

Simple configuration

Right from the installation of the first device, a network is automatically created, which can be protected with a password.

Intuitive control

Color-brightness changes, time-based on/off switching, presetting of the basic brightness after power reconnection and many other settings can be made depending on the device.

Scenes & Groups

Different devices can be grouped together as necessary. Individual settings can be preconfigured with the help of scenes and activated, for example, by time, by power supply or manually via a wall switch.

Adjustable user interface

The user interface of the control in the app adjusts automatically to the type of device. Several devices can be controlled individually or in a group.

Firmware Updates

The firmware of the MESHLE-capable devices can be updated via the app or via the cloud.

Guest control without app

via smartphone browser

The MESHLE web app allows hotel guests to control devices in the hotel room or access hotel information and services within seconds and with their own smartphone, without having to install an appfor thispurposeü.

MESHLE Web App Screenshot

And here is how it works

in just a few steps

Access via QR code terminal

The authentication of the guest takes place directly via the MESHLE Smart Terminal, which enables a secure and time-limited control of the MESHLE compatible devices in the hotel room.

MESHLE QR Code Terminal

1. Scan QR code

No app installation necessary. Simply scan the QR code with the camera of your own smartphone and open the web app in the browser.

Web App example scanning the MESHLE QR Code

2. Explore

In addition to device control, guests can use the same app to access the services offered by the hotel, such as room service, online shop and many more.

photo of MESHLE Web App

Modules at a glance

light bulb icon

Light control

Offers your guests the control of indirect LED lighting, (dimmable) lamps & luminaires and blinds.

thermostat icon

Temperature control

The module allows your guests to set the temperature in the room individually with their own smartphone.

chat icon

Voice control

“Lights on”, “Set alarm at 8:00”, “Play relaxing music” – voice control via Alexa for your guests.

cart icon

Room shopping

Let your guests order food, drinks and souvenirs or book hotel services with their own smartphone.

chat icon

Guest chat

Conveniently chat with the reception. The guest does not have to install an application or dial a number.

map icon

Hotel information

Display of all relevant hotel information as well as insider tips in the neighbourhood.

For questions and demo requests

Made in Germany

MESHLE Cloud in safe hands

The MESHLE Cloud was not only developed in Germany, but is also hosted here. Your data is securely encrypted on German servers, MESHLE does not rely on Amazon AWS or Google Cloud*.

*With voice control, the respective provider (Amazon or Google) accesses our cloud via a secure connection. Only the devices are recognized and controlled, no personal data is passed on.
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