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MESHLE Gateway



MESHLE Gateway

Bluetooth Mesh
to Wi-Fi Bridge

Visualisierung eines Mesh-Netzwerks und der Anbindung per Gateway an einen Wi-Fi-Router

Wi-Fi Bridge

Cloud features at a glance

Remote control via app

Safe access to all networks

Once the gateway is configured in the network, a new connection option appears in the MESHLE App: Cloud. It is now possible to reach the network that is out of Bluetooth range. In this way, multiple networks can be added to one Cloud account and managed from anywhere in the world.

Screenshot der MESHLE App im Verbindungsmenü
Alexa, turn on the light!
Amazon Alexa Echo Dot device

Voice control

Once the gateway is installed, you can link your Alexa or Google account to the MESHLE Cloud.

Once linked, the devices can be controlled remotely by voice as well as via the respective applicationAlexa App or Google Assistant

Gateway setup graphic showing how you can connect the MESHLE Gateway between the power adaptor and MESHLE flex

Simple set up

Ready for use in a few minutes

* can be optionally connected between an existing device (e.g. MESHLE flex controller) and a power supply unit with the same nominal voltage. This saves an additional power supply unit and protects the environment.

Made in Germany

MESHLE Cloud in safe hands

The MESHLE Cloud was not only developed in Germany, but is also hosted here. Your data is securely encrypted on German servers, MESHLE does not rely on Amazon AWS or Google Cloud*.

*With voice control, the respective provider (Amazon or Google) accesses our cloud via a secure connection. Only the devices are recognized and controlled, no personal data is passed on.
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