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Development of future-oriented products with Bluetooth 5.0

The applications of Bluetooth Mesh are many and varied. In the control of lights, shutters, temperature, doors and gates, charging columns, photovoltaic systems to production machinery: Bluetooth Low Energy can serve as a reliable wireless technology and offer an enormous advantage over conventional systems.

Smartphone & tablet as user interface

With Bluetooth present in all modern smartphones, tablets and PCs, Bluetooth Mesh technology offers an enhanced user experience not only in relation to consumer products. Through a robust and secure network, Bluetooth Mesh can also serve as a user-friendly human-machine interface in industrial and commercial settings.

Wide range with Bluetooth 5.0

MESHLE supports Bluetooth 5.0 and thus the long-range mode. Bluetooth 5 represents a significant improvement in range compared to the older Bluetooth versions. The range can be quadrupled depending on the requirements. Compared to Bluetooth 4.2, this means that the range can be increased from 10 to approx. 40 meters indoors or from 50 to approx. 200 meters outdoors.

Secure and self-healing network

Multiple networks containing devices can be created and individually protected with a password. All connections are securely encrypted and meet the state-of-the-art security requirements. Mesh networking via Bluetooth represents a self-healing network and thus avoids interference from individual points of failure. This technology is particularly well suited in areas such as building automation, sensor networks and other IoT solutions where multiple devices need to communicate reliably with each other.

Time and Cost-saving Installation

Due to an intuitive and fast installation without any intermediate stations, absence of cabling, and a flexible expansion of the network, the decision to use Bluetooth Mesh already results in enormous time and cost savings in the installation and configuration of devices.

Cost reduction & efficiency increase through automation

Additional cost savings result in particular from the automation provided by the MESHLE Bluetooth Mesh control system. Devices can be controlled based on time or presence and can therefore save energy. Furthermore, automatic device control depending on sunset and sunrise (Astro function) is completely possible via Bluetooth.

Rapid adaptation of Bluetooth mesh technology with MESHLE

MESHLE’s goal is to offer as many hardware manufacturers as possible the opportunity to upgrade their hardware with Bluetooth Mesh technology, and to achieve far-reaching effects on product use through minimal changes.
With years of experience and expertise in wireless technologies, MESHLE offers a holistic solution from embedded hardware integration, control app to cloud-based progressive web application with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Flexible configuration & modular expansion

Every Bluetooth MESHLE-enabled device such as switch, dimmer, (LED) driver or sensor is a complete product and is ready to use. It does not require any other components, not even the MESHLE app, to form a functioning system. However, the app can be used to conveniently set and automate the device precisely. For example, with a MESHLE-enabled dimmer, a setting for flicker-free dimming that is dependent on the light source, as well as automatic switching according to time, can be easily made in the app.
Already one MESHLE-capable actuator can be safely controlled from the smartphone via Bluetooth in the app. As soon as another device is installed in the network, the two devices connect automatically and expand the network.

Optional cloud integration

The optional connection to the cloud can be used to remotely control the Bluetooth Mesh network or to visualize or evaluate the usage data. Access to control is provided via MESHLE Gateway, which is used as a bridge between the Bluetooth Mesh Network and the Cloud. By using the IoT standard protocol MQTT it is also possible to integrate Bluetooth Mesh networks into other automation systems.

The MESHLE Gateway Plus also enables the innovative MESHLE guest control based on a dynamic QR code. Different users can then control or configure devices with their own smartphone within seconds without having to install an app. When a QR code is scanned, the user is immediately directed to a Progressive Web App (PWA) in their web browser, from where access to the control can be granted for a limited period of time.

Latest features with Update Over The Air (OTA)

The range of functions of the firmware can be extended at any time by installing an Update Over The Air (OTA) via Bluetooth App or the Cloud.

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