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Getting Started with Bluetooth Mesh: The Best Resources

If you want to learn about Bluetooth Mesh, whether you want to start with the basics or you’d like to dive deeper and learn how to develop Bluetooth Mesh, it is quite challenging to find the resources on Google alone.

Our aim with this Resources Page is to provide you with the best and most comprehensive list of Bluetooth Mesh related content and information on the internet.

If you find that something is missing, email us the link you’d like to add and why you think it should be added.

A List of the Best Bluetooth Mesh Resources


The best blogs you can read are notably the official blog from the Bluetooth SIG, as well as the blogs by Nordic Semiconductor:

Also follow our MESHLE Blog which is focussed solely on Bluetooth Mesh and its applications.

Blog Posts

In addition, we find the following articles worth reading:

Articles by the Bluetooth SIG development team

We’ve mentioned the BLUETOOTH BLOG already, but especially the following articles written by the team of Bluetooth SIG and will help you get started in Bluetooth Mesh:


Unfortunately, there are only very few podcasts available on Bluetooth Mesh as a topic. In fact, there is not a single podcast whose entire focus is Bluetooth Mesh. However, the following podcast episodes are dedicated to Bluetooth Mesh:

Talks & Videos

When it comes to video content, the Bluetooth SIG again offers the widest range of talks, webinars and more on Bluetooth Mesh technology. You can browse and watch all the videos on their homepage.

In addition, there are only very few solid videos on YouTube:


Bluetooth SIG offers email updates on resources they publish, which you can subscribe to here. In addition, you can subscribe to our MESHLE email newsletter, which is focussed all around Bluetooth Mesh.



Building a Sensor-Driven Lighting Control System Based on Bluetooth Mesh (Mesh Working Group, 2020)

Educational Resources

Forums and Communities

Supplier of Bluetooth Chips


And many more! A list of 29 Bluetooth SoC manufacturers can be found in the directory of everythingRF.

In addition to the Bluetooth chip, there are 3rd party manufacturers who are offering Bluetooth modules. These modules are already certified in specific regions, which accelerates and simplifies the development process. For our recommended Nordic chip, you can find a list of 3rd party modules here.


Many companies already employ Bluetooth Mesh technology. If you like, you can browse this directory of companies and qualified Bluetooth Mesh products.

If you want to integrate Bluetooth Mesh into your products as well, we at MESHLE can help you with this.


Are you seeking employment or want to do an internship? We at MESHLE are constantly looking for developers who are passionate and interested in BLE — whether you are just getting started or already an expert. Simply contact us, and we will get in touch with you.

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