LED Controller for your RGB Strips

User Friendly App & Great Hardware

Change the atmosphere with a single tap


Change the atmosphere with a single tap

MESHLE app allows you to precisely set the hue and the brightness of one or multiple RGB strips. Choose out of dozens of dynamic lighting themes or create your own.


Choose from over 16 Million Colors

Our feel-well lighting experts created dozens of dynamic lighting themes. You can browse them and choose your favorite. Or simply create your own atmosphere!


Sync your LED stripes by creating groups

Different stripes shall play the same color? No problem. Create groups and apply color adjustments or scenes to the entire group!

Alarms & Timers

Wake up with a simulated sunrise

Use timers to turn on or off your lights at particular times of the day or week. Set an alarm and wake up gently — the light will slowly fill your room. Or use your stripes as a night light for your kids and let your lights turn off automatically after a certain amount of time.

Network of Lights

Multiple MESHLE flex controller build automatically a Bluetooth mesh network, so you can easily control all your LED strips at the same time.


MESHLE Network


MESHLE Network

Watch MESHLE flex in action

Learn why people all around the world love MESHLE flex!

New & Finally Available

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  • 1x MESHLE flex controller
  • Experience smart lighting with 1 MESHLE flex controller.
  • Free app for Android and iOS

Room Pack

  • 4x MESHLE flex controller
  • Save €9.97!
  • Control multiple LED light strips with your MESHLE app.
  • Free app for Android and iOS

House Pack

  • 6x MESHLE flex controller
  • Save €19.95!
  • Perfect pack to control multiple LED strips in multiple rooms.
  • Free app for Android and iOS

Simple Setup

No extra hardware. Only MESHLE flex.

use any LED strip

connect MESHLE flex

with standard 4 pin RGB connector

use standard power adapter

use any LED strip
with standard 4 pin RGB connector
connect MESHLE flex
use standard power adapter

Ideas & Inspiration

How you can use MESHLE flex in your home.

Exciting World of MESHLE

Equip your home with MESHLE flex and discover the exciting world of MESHLE