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Bluetooth Mesh Development with MESHLE

The development of new products with Bluetooth Mesh is becoming an increasingly important and relevant topic for many companies. But what is the best way to realize your own Bluetooth Mesh products? Alternatively to a full in-house development or outsourcing, MESHLE enables manufacturers to realize products with the use of a fully pre-developed solution quickly, extremely cost-efficiently, and in the highest quality.

Full stack solution

MESHLE offers partners an all-encompassing total solution, including:

  • Pre-certified Bluetooth 5 module based on the nRF series from Nordic Semiconductor
  • Bluetooth mesh firmware supporting our optimized proprietary mesh profile and the official Bluetooth SIG open mesh profile, as well as a range of standard device profiles.
  • Native app for Android and iOS available free of charge as MESHLE app in the respective app stores, optionally as OEM version under own brand name and customized CI for a license fee
  • Bluetooth mesh – Wi-Fi gateway as a bridge between the Bluetooth mesh network and the cloud
  • Cloud solution as an optional extension of Bluetooth mesh control
  • Voice control with support for Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Guest control via web app with secure temporary access authorization

Typical procedure

If you are interested in a partnership with MESHLE, the following steps will give you a first impression of how a cooperation usually works.

  1. Contact Us: After you contact us by email or phone call, we will schedule a video meeting for an initial consultation.
  2. Video meeting: In a video meeting, we learn more about your company, your products, and your project. We will subsequently introduce you to the MESHLE GmbH, our solutions, and services as well as our licensing model. This allows us to get to know your company and your project in the first meeting so that we can then address your needs precisely.
  3. Requirements and specifications: If MESHLE is a suitable solution for you, and you are interested in working with us, we will jointly develop the requirements and specifications for your project.
  4. Quotation: Based on your requirements and specifications, we will provide you with a personal quotation including an overview of the exact license fees as well as a time schedule.
  5. Development of the prototype or zero series: It is our interest to realize a first prototype as soon as possible, which allows you to judge for yourself the future potential of your product. Should we assist you in the development of the wireless PCB, there are usually only small costs for the PCB production. One thing is important to us: we only begin earning money when you start earning money.
  6. Completion of the prototypes: Depending on the agreement, we will send you the Bluetooth modules, radio board, or converted prototypes so that you can test it extensively and convince yourself of the software quality.
  7. Preparation for series production: After the prototypes have been tested, we support you throughout the entire process to series production.
  8. Expansion into OEM and cloud: At the same time, or as soon as your products become a sales success, we can support you in the realization of an OEM Multitenant Cloud solution. We can also offer you the MESHLE app as a white label app in your corporate identity.

The most important thing here:

  • You get all the solutions we offer from a single source
  • During the entire cooperation, you will have a personal contact person available to assist you


Due to the very strong specialization as well as the internally developed full-stack solution, our partners have significant advantages.

⚡️ Time-to-market in record time

An entire software solution is already fully developed and only needs to be adapted to your corporate identity and the specific product. Prototypes can be realized in a few weeks, products in a few months.

💰 Minimal development costs

MESHLE offers a fully functional and ready-developed complete solution from a single source. An integration with MESHLE means: no development project. Only minor adaptations usually incur small costs.

👨‍🔬 Access to excellent know-how

The entire team at MESHLE specializes in Bluetooth Mesh and all related software and cloud solutions. You are counting on absolute experts in their field.

🥇 Highest quality

MESHLE specializes exclusively in Bluetooth Mesh and maintains the firmware, software and cloud for a variety of customers.

📈 Scalable from prototypes to series product

MESHLE’s firmware and software is fully scalable. You can start with a single prototype and realize series products with > 100,000 units within a very short time.

Does that sound interesting?

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