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Smart Office with Bluetooth Mesh

Smart Office

  • Workplace booking
  • Device control and automation

  • Digital room signage

Nothing is hardwired in the room anymore and yet everything is connected.

Flexible configuration

for changeable working environment

MESHLE technology allows to adjust the device’s functions as needed. The technology plays a crucial role here. Each actuator is basically self-sufficient but can be configured via Bluetooth using an app. Several actuators can be networked via Bluetooth Mesh. A small IoT network is then created in each room, which is separate from the hotel network. As soon as several actuators are in a network, many use cases can be flexibly implemented.

Everything you need

MESHLE compatible devices

Smart switches
Electric tables
And more


Networking, control, automation

The right light in the office is one of the basic needs of a working environment. It comes down to the right brightness and colour temperature, depending on the time and type of work. With MESHLE, all these components can be integrated into any environment.

Universal Dimmer
LED Panels
Floor lamps
LED Panels

Human Centric Lighting

for personalised working environment

Natural light for maximum productivity

The colour temperature of light has a direct effect on us humans. A sunny morning is a great motivator. Workplace lighting can replicate the perfect lighting conditions of nature, regardless of the real weather conditions. This can create a consistently pleasant and productive working atmosphere. MESHLE HCL controllers are equipped with daylight simulation. In addition, a personal profile can be set.

Workplace Management System

Maximum utilisation of space

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