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Switch Bluetooth Module


Pre-certified Bluetooth module with pre-installed MESHLE Switch Interface firmware. This allows the device to control up to 8 channels with GPIO and set them up in a MESHLE network. Configuration and control is carried out via the free MESHLE app developed in Germany in Android or App Store. Control via cloud or via Matter with gateway possible.



Explore unique capabilities of MESHLE Switch Interface


  • Nordic nRF52840 SoC Solution

  • UART:  MCU Switching via protocol
  • Dimension: 10.5 x 15.5 x 2.05 mm

  • Certifications: FCC, IC, CE, Telec (MIC), KC, SRRC, NCC, RCM, WPC
Chip Antenna


  • Interface: Switch 
  • Protocol: MESHLE Bluetooth Mesh

  • Features: Group Control, Auto-Off, Invert Channel, Start-Up Brightness, programmable rules & timers
  • Compatible Peripherals: Kinetic Switch, Multisensor, Motion Sensor, Contact Sensor

Everything at a Glance

Beautiful and easy-to-use app that hides the complexity of networking, making configuration and control super convenient and intuitive.

4.8 Stars Rated App

Also available as White Label

User-friendly Multi-Channel Switch
Controls & Settings

The Switch Interface enables control over one or multiple channels. Multiple devices, connect to each other via Bluetooth Mesh and can be controlled individually or as a group. Additional features such as Rules and Timers for automation, or integration with battery-free switches or sensors, are also included.

User-Friendly Multi-Channel Control

Enables control of individual or multiple channels. Can be controlled by App, Push Switch or Voice*

Timers and Rules

Each device can have its own set of rules and timers that operate autonomously.

Additional Settings and Peripherals

Each device features a range of settings and can be linked to battery-free switches or sensors.


Connectivity via Bluetooth Mesh

All MESHLE devices function independently and automatically create a network among each other. Several networks with devices can be created and individually secured with a password.


Easy integration into existing Projects

If you already have an existing PCB and that uses other Smart Connectivity provider, then we can provide you the module on a daughter PCB that matches exactly the pinout and size of the existing PCB. 

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