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MESHLE — The Company

MESHLE GmbH was founded in Düsseldorf, Germany in 2015 with the aim of providing technology in the area of smart control that is easy to operate and integrate for both private users and companies.
Pioneer in Bluetooth Mesh
MESHLE was among the first companies that specifically worked with Bluetooth Mesh and developed its own Bluetooth Mesh networking technology, which it successfully integrated into its own products and the products of other manufacturers.
MESHLE is a combination of “MESH” — a special type of network where each device is connected to one or more other devices and “LE” — an abbreviation for Low Energy, as a reference to the applied Bluetooth Low Energy technology. All MESHLE capable products work with Bluetooth Mesh and are compatible among each other.
MESHLE includes the following fields:
  • MESHLE Plug & Play products for private users
  • MESHLE Integration – Integration of Bluetooth Mesh into the hardware products of other manufacturers
  • MESHLE Guest Control – control system with temporary access authorisation
For all the above-mentioned fields there is an option of connection to the MESHLE Cloud, which enables a flexibly configurable, central management system with remote access and voice control.
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