Best out of two worlds

MESHLE allows electronic devices to connect to each other via Bluetooth mesh network. This approach benefits from two great technologies, Bluetooth Low Energy and Mesh Network.

How it works


Devices with integrated Bluetooth LE Chip and MESHLE Firmware are able to connect to each other fully automatically. Each device provides a Bluetooth hotspot. Any mobile device such as smartphone, smartwatch or tablet with Bluetooth functionality can connect to any of these hotspots in order to control network devices. This mesh network can be simply extended in its range by adding new MESHLE devices.

Bluetooth Low Energy

All modern smartphones and tablets support Bluetooth LE. Therefore products with Bluetooth on board are easily controlled by mobile device.

There is no need of an Internet connection, a central control station, wireless router or additional wiring. The only reason why IoT companies haven’t widely used Bluetooth in their products yet is because of its low radio distance range.

Therefore MESHLE developed a technology that relays on bluetooth mesh network.

Mesh Networtk

A mesh network is a kind of network in which all mesh nodes cooperate in the distribution of data. Each node passes the information to another node until it has reached its destination. A mesh network is due to redundant nodes the most secure version of a network. In our case IoT devices are equipped with a bluetooth chip. They connect to each other and as a result build a bluetooth mesh network which is especially relevant in areas where Internet or Wi-Fi is not available.


The best out of two worlds.


Every device becomes a Bluetooth hotspot. All modern smartphones and tablets supporting Bluetooth LE.

Smartphone control

Control Bluetooth network with an easy to use smartphone application.


We take security very seriously. All connections are encrypted and meet the latest security requirements.

Mesh network

Mesh network is very reliable and failsafe due to its structure. It also allows to expand radio range by simply adding new devices.

 Easy Setup

Even a single module can be used with a smartphone. Just download the app and connect.


Add new devices to the network. As soon it’s installed within the range, both connect to each other and extend the network

No extra hardware

There is no central device,hub or bridge needed. All MESHLE modules are self-sustained and build network with each other fully automatically.

No Internet needed

Most modern mobile devices support Bluetooth. Therefore there is no Internet connection needed.

Easy integration in your product

MESHLE module is a hardware and software soulution based on Bluetooth Mesh technology. Currently the modules can be integrated in lights, switches, plugs or LED controllers. Due to its small footprint MESHLE module can be intergrated even in already existing product and provide new exciting features to the customers.

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