How to connect MESHLE flex
  1. Step: Use a 5V-24V LED RGB(W) strip* with a 4-pin (or 5-Pin for RGBW) connector
  2. Step: Connect the LED RGB(W) strip with MESHLE flex (PLUS)
  3. Step: Connect MESHLE flex (PLUS) with a suitable (5V-24V) power supply*

*It is important that the voltage of the RGB(W) LED strip matches the voltage of the power supply, for example you need a 12V power supply for a 12V LED strip, a 24V power supply for a 24V LED strip. The power supply must necessarily provide enough watts per meter. (For example, for a 2m LED strip with 23 watts per meter, the power supply should provide at least 23W x 2m = 46W).

The maximum total load of the controller of 6A, 24V or 144W must not be exceeded.

How to configure MESHLE device
How to update device firmware

My Firmware update stuck or interrupts, what now?

There are multiple reasons for that issue:

Android Users:

  • Check your app has local storage permission enabled
  • Check if you are in the near proximity of the device (few meters)
  • See if you have the latest MESHLE App

iOS Users:

  • Check if you are in the near proximity of the device (few meters)
  • See if you have the latest MESHLE App

If above steps does not help, you can try to use a smartphone with different operation system or version.

Please let contact us via below form about your issue and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

I'm afraid to do firmware update, can it break my device?

No, our fimware update are safe to perform. Even if your device will be disconnected off the power in the middle of the update, your device will NOT be demaged. It will keep the old firmware version until it’s 100% sure the new version was downloaded successfully.

My app keeps crashing at some point.

Please delete the app and install the latest version from the AppStore or Google Play.

If the app continiue to crash please contact us via this form.

I can't see my MESHLE device in the app search.

Please make sure your device is powered on and you are in the near proximity (about few meters). Restart the search by pulling down the view.

If you still can’t see your device, there can be multiple reasons for that:

  • Your MESHLE device is already connected to other smartphone.
    Solution: disconnect from it and try again.
  • The device is configured and is shown as network
    Solution: reset the device to factory settings as shown here
  • You forgot to plug the power supply into the wall socket
    Solution: you probalby didn’t, but if – you know what to do 😉
  • Your device is defect due to a short or wrong power supply
    If the connected light (strip) does not light up, then it likely to have a hardware defect

If nothing above helps, please reach out to us via this contact form an we will be happy to help!

Can I change my network password?

Not on the fly. You need to reset your MESHLE device to factory settings as shown here. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Reset your MESHLE device to factory settings
  2. Open the app and go to Group Settings->General Settings and press “Create new network”
  3. Go back go Group Settings and hit “Add new device or join network”
  4. Reconfigure your previously resetted device
  5. Write down your password somewhere safe in case you will forget it in the future

I can't join the network it keeps saying "Wrong Password"

Obvious reason is that you are using the wrong password 🙂 If not, than this might be a connection reason. Restart the app and try to join again, make sure you are in the close proximity of any of MESHLE devices.

Sometimes it helps to deactivate Bluetooth on the device and activate it back after about 10 seconds.


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