The MESHLE RGBW All-In-One Package

Easy-to-use App & Great Hardware

MESHLE vivid LED strips will surprise you with the highest quality, a special brightness, and intense colors. The MESHLE App is available for Android and iOS and was developed here in Germany, just like the MESHLE flex Controller. Also included is a matching brand power adaptor from the German company LEICKE.

MESHLE vivid RGBW Set with MESHLE flex RGBW Controller, MESHLE App, and MESHLE vivid RGBW LED strip 2m
  • Free iOS and Android App: Adjust colors, brightness, and saturation, color scenes from the library, save your own color scenes, alarm clock, timer, group control
  • Includes 1x MESHLE flex RGBW controller, control the LED strip with your Android or iOS smartphone and network other MESHLE flex controllers with Bluetooth mesh technology
  • Includes 1x Premium MESHLE vivid RGBW LED strip with particularly high brightness thanks to 90 high-quality LEDs with max. 1450 lumens per meter and a long LED life of up to 50,000 hours, the LED strip is flexibly divisible every 12,5cm
  • Including 1x high-quality 24V, 3A power adapter of the German company LEICKE with overvoltage, short-circuit and temperature protection and high efficiency.

Discover the Simplicity of MESHLE

The Simplest RGBW Complete Set from MESHLE

Change the atmosphere with a single tap


Change the room atmosphere with one touch

With the MESHLE App, you can precisely adjust the hue and brightness of one or multiple LED strips.


Choose from over 16 million colors

Our lighting experts have already created dozens of dynamic lighting scenes, search for your favourite moods or create your own atmosphere.


With groups, you synchronize your LED strips

Several LED strips should have the same color? No problem. Create groups and apply color adjustments or scenes to the entire group.

Alarm Clock & Timer

Wake up with a simulated sunrise

Use timers to turn your light on or off at specific times of the day or week. Set an alarm and wake up, the light will slowly fill your room. MESHLE flex can also be used as a night light for your children, for example. The light goes out automatically after a certain time with the Sleep Timer.

Firmware Updates

Ready for new features and improvements

We have designed MESHLE flex so that you can update the controller yourself. Get new features and improvements in the future by wirelessly upgrading MESHLE flex with your smartphone.


What is MESHLE?

MESHLE is a German technology company dedicated to the development of innovative lighting solutions with the best quality at a fair price – we promise you the best price-performance ratio.

What are the shipping costs for orders in the MESHLE Store?

We ship all orders free of shipping costs.

With which mobile devices can I control MESHLE flex?

You can use any smartphone or tablet that supports at least iOS 9 or Android 4.4.

How long is the radio range?

The radio range can be extended by adding additional MESHLE devices to the network.

If a light strip with a controller is used, it can be controlled from a distance of up to 20m. If several strips are used with one controller each, the range can be flexibly extended, as the control commands are passed on from the first to the last controller.

Will MESHLE flex also be compatible with other Smart Home products such as Apple HomeKit and Apps (e.g. IFTTT)?

Yes, our product team is currently working on a gateway that will make MESHLE flex compatible with other Smart Home products. Look forward to your MESHLE flex connecting to Alexa (Amazon Echo), Google Home, Apple HomeKit and IFTTT.

The expected release date is in the second quarter of 2019. We will keep you up to date in our newsletter and social media.

Last update: 15.02.2019

Additional information


Bluetooth Low Energy

Communication Protocol




Compatibility (at least)

Android 4.4, iOS 9

Radio Range Indoor*

5-10 meters

Radio Range Outdoor*

up to 25 meters

Power Supply

5-24V, maximum 6A


11mm x 22mm x43mm

IP Code

IP23 indoor use only

* Radio range between controllers

The radio range can be extended when additional MESHLE devices are added to the network. A command from your smartphone is passed along from one controller to another.

  • MESHLE vivid RGBW Set with MESHLE flex RGBW Controller, MESHLE App, and MESHLE vivid RGBW LED strip 2m
  • MESHLE App included in the MESHLE vivid Set for the MESHLE flex controller

MESHLE vivid RGBW Set (2 meters)


The MESHLE Starter Set contains everything you need for your first experience with MESHLE:

  • 1x MESHLE flex RGBW Controller
  • 1x Premium MESHLE vivid RGB LED Strip (90 LEDs/Meter, max. 1450 Lumen / Meter, LED-Lifetime up to 50.000 hours)
  • 1x 24V DC power supply of the company LEICKE
  • Free iOS and Android App: Adjust colors, brightness and saturation, color scenes from the library, save your own color scenes, alarm clock, timer, group control
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