Bluetooth LED Controller


How It Works


Connect your flexible LED-Strip with the controller. Connect power cable – this is it. Now grab your smartphone and go to the step 2.


Depend on what Smartphone you use, open the Google Play Store or App Store and download the MESHLE App. Start the app and you will see your LED Controller. Here is where the fun begins.


Change colors, add more devices, group them and apply beautiful „Magics“ (scenes) to it. It is just that simple.

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Full Control of Your LED Ambience

  • Smartphone Control

    All you need is a Smartphone with a Bluetooth 4.0 technology.
    Use it as a single remote for all of your LED-Strips.

  • Bluetooth

    No Router, No Wifi, No Internet needed – control your lights directly over Bluetooth.

  • Build a Network

    Using the innovative MESHLE technology, multiple LED controllers are able to build a mesh network.

  • Seriously Secure

    We take security seriously. This is why all connections are secured by strong AES 128 encryption.

  • Easy to set up

    Just connect the controller as any other LED Controller and start the app. It’s just that simple!

  • Extensible

    Any additional controller within the range of another, connects to it automatically and extends the range of the network.

Available soon on the App Store, Google Play & Microsoft Store

Find infinite light & ambient inspirations

Outstanding Flexibility

Million Colors

Take the most out of your LED-Strips. Fine-tune the hue to achieve the perfect lighting design.

Timers & Schedules

Change the colors of multiple LED-Strips with just one touch. Choose out of hundreds of color themes.

One Touch Magic

Change the colors of multiple LED-Strips with just one touch. Choose out of hundreds of color themes.


Create groups of controllers and apply light adjustments to the whole group instantly.

Wake Up Light

You can program your controller to smoothly wake you up. The light will slowly fill up the room.


Animate light transitions from one color into another. Pick animations out of library or create your own.

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Technical Details

  • SystemBluetooth Low Energie
  • Range indoor4-10 meter
  • Range outdoorup to 25 meter
  • EncryptionAES 128Bit
  • Supply12V, 6A
  • Output power LED12V, 3x2A max
  • Size56mm x 25mm x 15mm
  • CompatibilityiOS 9, Android 4.4


MESHLE GmbH is a technology company that specializes in development and distribution of software and hardware solutions in the field of measurement, control and regulation technology. The specificity of its innovative concept can be derived from its name.

It consists of MESH – a special network where each device is connected to one or more other devices – and LE (short for Low Energy), as a reference to the used low-power Bluetooth Low Energy technology.