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What is a Mesh Network?

Everyone knows Bluetooth as a technology to stream music, synchronize wearables or control smart home appliances. When it comes to mesh, however, things are not that clear anymore. In this non-technical overview, we want to look at what a mesh network is and look at the rudiments of Bluetooth Mesh.

Why Bluetooth is a Future-Proof Technology

Bluetooth is an ideal, proven global standard for the “Connected Everything”: from the smartphone, to the smart home, to even the metaverse. Let’s dive into what makes Bluetooth so interesting and unique when compared to other technologies. Introduction to Bluetooth Even those people who are not specifically tech-savvy know that their smartphone, iPad, and PC […]

Device Configuration and Automation via Bluetooth Mesh

The use of devices based on a Bluetooth mesh system is a worthwhile and future-oriented investment, as such a system does not require cabling or a central control device and can be quickly put into operation with a smartphone.

Development of future-oriented products with Bluetooth 5.0

The applications of Bluetooth Mesh are many and varied. In the control of lights, shutters, temperature, doors and gates, charging columns, photovoltaic systems to production machinery: Bluetooth Low Energy can serve as a reliable wireless technology and offer an enormous advantage over conventional systems. Smartphone & tablet as user interface With Bluetooth present in all […]

Connecting LED Luminaires via Bluetooth Mesh

Lighting systems with connected luminaires are particularly suitable for workplaces in large offices. Connected luminaires, motion and daylight sensors, temperature sensors, air quality and noise sensors can be used to personalize the working environment for each end-user. At the same time, the intelligent functions of connected lights enable new (cloud-based) business models for luminaires manufacturers. […]

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